Before You Frame Your Artwork

So you have decided to get your artwork/treasure framed.

Before you make the next step and take your artwork or item into a framer there are a few things to consider which will help make your consultation and choices easier.

Things to consider:

How valuable is the artwork to you?
Is this something irreplaceable, sentimental , valuable or an original work of art or limited edition ?
Is this something you have purchased just to jazz up your wall, that just needed that something extra?
Depending on the value you place on your artwork there is a vast range of options available to you when it comes the framing techniques and materials, we are happy to discuss these with you

Where do you intend to hang the finshed work?
Where your artwork may look perfect may in fact not be the best place to hang it, both for your enjoyment and the safety and longevity of the artwork.
Avoid rooms with high humidity such as kitchens and bathrooms, areas above heaters or fireplaces, work hung in these areas will be more likely to grow mould, and wrinkle due to humidity and temperature flucuations.

Both indoor lighting and natural light will in time fade your artwork as well as affecting your ability to veiw your art due to reflection.
If your ‘perfect hanging spot” is in direct light we can discuss materials and glass which will mininize the reflection and may also help minimize the damage from Ultraviolet (UV) energy.

Wall Colour and Decor
Although we always frame the artwork not the room, it is important to consider the colours in the room.
Your artwork can be framed in so many ways, by considering the room where it will be displayed we can accent and tie in colours used in the mat board and moulding with your room. Conversely if we give the room decor no consideration the artwork may look out of place  by either clashing or fading into the background. Feel free to bring along swatches of couch or curtain fabric, paint charts or wall colours etc.

The Look You Want
Are you going for a minimalist, rustic, corporate, traditional, vintage look? Do you have a theme like beachy, cottagey etc you want to work with?
Again give this some consideration it will really help you when making your framing choices.

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