Picture Framing Services

We Offer a Comprehensive Framing Service

Conservation Framing:

If preserving your artwork is important to you here are five tips to help keep your treasured artwork in good condition long term:

  1. Educate yourself on quality framing material and practices.
  2. Find and use a professional Picture Framer
  3. Choose glazing (glass) which will block UV energy
  4. Choose mountboards, matboards, fillerboards and backing which meets conservation standards
  5. Display your framed art in a cool dry area away from direct sunlight

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Custom Framing:

We provide a variety of custom framing services to find out more read on.

Budget Framing

We are able to work within your budget (within reason). We try to keep a range of reasonably priced mouldings, and mat boards in stock. If you want to just jazz up your wall we can use more less costly materials which may not suitable for valuable art or treasures but perfectly adequate for art being used as decor, without sentimental or monetary value.

Children’s Art:

Colourful matt boards suitable for framing children's art from Art and About Picture Framers, Papamoa, Tauranga, NZ

Some of my most treasured wallart are those created by our children when they were young, it always manages to make me reflect and smile and remember when life was simple! We really enjoy framing artwork created by young children and it is a joy to see how excited they get helping to make choices about how it should be framed. This also gives them a chance to chat about their amazing creation and why they think it suits a particular colour or style. We also have parents come in to get children’s art framed as a gift for their child, partner, the child’s grandparents, Aunties and Uncles.
We stock a full range of mat board, many bright primary colours as well as a range of reasonably priced mouldings, and mouldings from deleted ranges which we can discount.

Photography and Portraits

Being a total photo fanatic and cherishing family photos and videos this is an area of passion for me. Ironically when I came to put this website together I looked around for examples of do’s and don’t in my own home, well you know what they say about a shoemakers kids?
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Diplomas and Certificates

Your Certificates possibly and your  Diplomas definately have taken you a lot of time, effort ond money to earn. They deserve to be not only on display but protected. It is tempting to buy a cheap frame and pop it up on the wall (you are probably broke  and paying off your student loan! However even if this is the choice you make at least let us pop in a spacer and seal the back of the frame. No artwork should be in direct contact with the glazing. We would of course prefer to see your hard work framed to look it’s best and last.


We have framed a few papyrus over the years, they can look very efffective forward mounted on a ragmat board, of course we use convervation methods to mount these works of art.

Tapa Tapa

Tapa Tapa's look amazing suspended in a frame with leather lacing like this one framed by Art & About Picture Framing  Papamoa
We have framed a few Tapa Tapa’s over the years , they look great suspended within a frame by leather lacing and most of the TapaTapa we have framed we have done this way.

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3D Items:


There are so many bits and pieces we love and feel a need to cherish but alas they lay buried and dusty in a drawer. There are creative fun ways to frame these and get them out where you can enjoy and share them and the many stories they can tell. Old war medals , sporting medals, Rugby, Netball, Soccer and Hockey Jersyes and other sports wear, baby booties, bonnets, christianing gowns, foot prints can all be framed  with or without an accompanying photo. You can select a medley of bits and  pieces with a common theme and we can work together on a layout which shows them at their very best. These can make lovely gifts.
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Fabric Art:

Art & About offers a full framing service for fabric art including Cross Stitch, Tapestry, Tapa Tapa  or any fabric item you may choose to frame . To find out more about this specialised area please check out our Fabric Art Framing page.

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Have you just purchased a canvas or recently had a photo printed onto canvas? Now what? We can help you get it up and the wall and looking great. We also can seal any photographs printed on canvas with a protective UV protective coating. Many  of the print shops are happy to send you home with your lovely photo on canvas but totally unprotected and not even able to be safely wiped!

Stretching Canvasses:

We are happy to stretch your canvas and again our costs are very competitive. We generally use either 20mm thick stretcher for small pieces and 35mm for larger pieces.We use stainless steel staples in all of our work.
There are a few things to consider before you can go ahead and get your canvas stretched.:

    • Firstly are you going to also frame it? In this case we still require approximately 30-40mm around the edge to grasp and stretch the canvas
    • If not if there enough space around the important images for the canvas to be stretched without losing the integrity of the print or painting. This will dictate the thickness of the streching frame we are able to use.
    • Remember many canvasses are not actually square.

Framing Canvasses Canvas stretched and framed by Art & About Picture Framing

Some canvasses lend themselves to the minimalist look and are able to look perfect stretched and hung on your wall. Others may look okay just stretched but look amazing with a frame, especially heavier oils and acrylics. We set the stretched canvas into a frame using canvas offsets.

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We are happy to supply both your mirror and frame or to frame your existing mirror, We have traditional gold and silver guilt frames and a wide selection of other suitable surrounds for your mirror.
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Most of our repairs are the result of inadequate hanging or moving house. .We are happy to inspect your artwork and give quotes for insurance claims. We are also to make  necessary repairs to your framed art where possible.


The frame or moulding around your artwork is often damaged with knocks, and general wear and tear but more commonly by falling off the wall! While we may be able to touch up some gold leaf frames, most frames will be very difficult to actually restore if their surface has been damaged. However if their mitres have opened we can usually manage to disassemble them and reassemble them to restore their strength and appearance. If they have fallen from the wall we may be able to touch them up or possibly refit the artwork so that the damaged bottom is at the top and less visible. Prevention is much better than cure!


Try to keep in mind that glass has no strength when laid flat except that of what ever is supporting it, and it is also more likely to be used as a work surface so store or move framed art upright.  In the event of a fall from the wall or other accident in transit it is often the part of the artwork which comes off worse for wear often damaging the artwork underneath it. We are always happy to replace broken glass and of course inspect the remaining framing package and clean and replace any other damaged or poor quality materials which may have been used.

Refresh or Replace

Framed artwork needs maintenance. It is important to have a good look around your framed art annually, check there is no wildlife living under the glass, no sign of mould, or artwork sticking to the glass, the backing is not bowing and the backing tape is firmly forming a seal on the back of the work. Check that the hanging hardware and string/wire is in good condition.  We are happy to take your framed artwork apart, clean it up and reassemble it, at a minimal charge. You may choose to  have us refresh faded mat boards, change the frame, replace damaging materials, or just leave everything as is and just freshen it up and make sure it is clean and safe.
We are also happy to rotate artwork for you, we often see cases where people have popped a new piece of art or photo into an existing frame and the mat board is upsidedown or even sideways, and the back left unsealed. If you are bored with your current wall art and have another piece you think may work in an existing frame come see us and we may be able to refit it for you or cat a new mat and use the existing frame and other materials.

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